Ackuretta DENTIQ 3D Printer

Engineered to endure the most demanding dental workflows. Precision, versatility and reliability for the dentistry of the future. Enabled with the latest LCD technology and UV backlight to deliver high quality results consistently.

Highlights at a glance

Ackuretta DENTIQ – Premium Ownership Experience

Fully validated, turnkey solutions along with complete training and responsive support.

Improved accuracy and consistency: highly precise, industrial-grade 3D printers, materials, and finishing kits.

Same-day chairside dentistry: form and function geared towards clinical users.

Accessories – Ackuretta CLEANI Dual Tank Washer Unit

Take the work out of the workflow. Cleani is designed with dual tanks for a two-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes. With a workflow that’s three times faster, Cleani consumes 50% less alcohol than a manual wash and effectively removes 90% of uncured resins from prints.

Accessories – Ackuretta UV Oven Curing Unit

UV Box: portable chair-side design. Mirror reflection enhances curing performance. 365/385/405 nm mix matrix LEDs. Flash function: 10 flashes/second strengthens print hardness. Suitable for Class 1 materials.

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