For easy entry into same-day dentistry.

The new E4 makes it so easy for you to get started with chairside production of dental restorations and gives you maximum freedom.

Combine the E4 with your preferred intraoral scanner, any CAD software and materials that are appropriate for your individual patients.

The E4 is the heart of your workflow and produces the perfect restoration for you. The integrated CAM software enables you to get started right away!

A gamechanger for chairside milling

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Highlights at a glance

The all-rounder for blocks

The E4 has many talents: wet grind glass ceramics or composites with ceramic content and dry mill materials such as zirconia and PMMA.

A small change with a big effect

Benefit from easy switching: insert the tank for wet processing or the optional container for machining dust and start processing high-quality restorations. A special filter mat in the liquid tank ensures that the tank is free of chippings.

Wet grinding

PUREWATER Technology ensures that the closed liquid circuit in the machine requires no grinding additives. For you, this means easy disposal and even lower running costs.

Dry milling

The optional dry container enables you to mill materials such as zirconia, PMMA and various composites with your E4 with no cooling water or compressed air.

Milling Units