Morita Treatment Units

Thinking ahead. Focused on life.

The Exceptional Gives The World It’s Value

Morita has taken a step beyond developments as they are known today and offers you unique possibilities that will provide you with valuable support for your everyday dental practice and future challenges.

The modern and timeless designs, evident right down to the finest detail, underlines your competence and professionalism. At the same time, however, it also creates an atmosphere of trust and safety. This is achieved by the Morita treatment units’ reduced and harmonious expression of form. After all, the more relaxed the patient, the more pleasant the treatment.

Introducing Morita T500

Curtain-up for the new T500. It is a real statement of design and reliability. The consequent combination of these two requirements perfectly expresses the product philosophy of Morita: Function meets aesthetics.

Morita Dental Chairs

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