i-CAT FLX V-Series

The First Line of Upgradeable Dedicated 3D CBCT Machines

This dynamic system offers three maximum fields of view (FOV), V8, V10, and V17. Within these sizes, you also have the option to scale or collimate the scan height to capture only the area of interest per the patient’s immediate need. The system also provides enhanced low-dose imaging options through protocols and collimation, dedicated traditional 2D panoramic capabilities, and the feature-rich Tx STUDIO™ software, powered by Anatomage. 

CBCT Applications Training – i-CAT FLX

Online Applications Training videos providing relevant certification as set out by State Health and Radiation Departments to enable users to upgrade their extra oral licence to operate CBCT machines. Covering scan and protocol selection, patient positioning, scan acquisition, software navigation & manipulation.

The First Line of Upgradeable Dedicated 3D CBCT Machines

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Highlights at a glance


The V8 represents your gateway into the world of industry-leading 3D CBCT imaging at an affordable price. With 8cm x 5cm and 8cm x 8cm FOVs, clinicians are able to capture specific areas of the anatomy instead of the entire oral-maxillofacial complex accomplished in one scan.


The i-CAT FLX V10 combines highly precise cone beam 3D technology with flexible planning and treatment tools. i-CAT offers a full suite of solutions to meet your practice’s needs.  V10 scan sizes range from an adjustable 8cm x 5cm to 16cm x 10cm.


Designed to accommodate the widest range of clinical applications, the V17 is the most flexible of the V-Series options. The V17 has a maximum and scalable FOV of up to 23 cm x 17 cm. The V17 is used most often by orthodontists, oral maxillofacial surgeons and oral radiologists

Low-Dose Options

i-CAT QuickScan and QuickScan+ protocols allow you to take complete 3D images at a radiation dose comparable to a 2D panoramic image*. The flexibility in scalable scan sizes further allows you to limit the dose to the patient.

Open Platform

i-CAT FLX allows for an open platform when using your DICOM files. These files are not ‘locked’, giving you the freedom to use i-CAT-captured files in a wide array of programs including CAD/CAM applications and other dental equipment.

Seated Position

i-CAT FLX is one of the few machines that provide a seated position for scanning. Ergonomic Stability System (ESS) allows for easy, seated patient positioning, designed to minimize patient movement and avoid unnecessary retakes and additional radiation.

Traditional 2D Panoramics

Your “2-in-1” i-CAT FLX V-Series takes a traditional 2D pan using the same high quality sensor that is used to acquire 3D scans. Using your system to capture BOTH 2D and 3D imaging assists you with your ALARA goals and helps you transition to 3D imaging at your own pace.

Full 24.2 cm x 19.3 cm Sensor

All i-CAT FLX V-Series models come equipped with a full 24.2 cm x 19.3 cm sensor capable of yielding a full ceph height 3D scan (13 cm x 16 cm) in just 4.8 seconds. This allows owners the flexible freedom to upgrade their field-of-view without the need to replace the unit itself. The solution is simply an in-office software upgrade that opens the field-of-view to the next V-Series configuration.

No Offset Scanning

With our PureScan™ technology and full-size sensor, i-CAT FLX V-Series scanners capture a 3D scan without compromising image quality. This full-beam scanning maximizes the use of the large sensor to provide more anatomical information at a higher quality compared to other smaller sensors.