STATIM® 6000B G4+

The STATIM 6000B G4+ is a compact 6-litre autoclave with fractionated vacuum technology that is designed with flexible loading, shorter cycle times and enhanced digital capabilities.

The drawer-style autoclave allows for easy, one-handed opening and reprocesses 2 cassettes or 12 pouches, delivering sterilised and dry wrapped instrument loads in as little as 27 minutes.


Introducing the new B-Class autoclave.

The small space miracle that can easily keep up with the big ones thanks to flexible loading, short cycles and digital features!

Highlights at a glance


The motorless drawer latching system allows easy, one hand opening and is designed to reduce service issues.
Holds up to 2 large IMS cassettes or up to 8 pouched loads. The accessory pouch rack allows for the reprocessing of 12 pouches.
Monitoring system keeps a cycle from starting if the drawer is improperly closed.

Small Footprint but Great Performance

The STATIM B G4+ autoclave with a 6-litre chamber has a small footprint like its predecessor, the STATIM 5000. It offers a modern design and flexibility in loading options. The reprocessing of 2 cassettes or 12 pouches offers enough capacity to meet the needs of any size practice. On top of all, it perfectly sterilises and dries wrapped instrument loads in as little as 27 minutes.

Convenient Automated Filling and Draining Options

No more hassle of manual top filling and draining. In addition to the standard manual filling and draining options, the STATIM B G4+ vacuum autoclave offers automatic filling and direct-to-drain options to allow a fully automated Stericentre set-up.

Programmable – Works on Your Command

Schedule starts and set the exact time you want to run a sterilisation cycle or daily tests – whenever it suits your office’s workflow. The Delayed Start improves efficiency by allowing the test cycles to be completed when the office opens. Helix-, Vacuum- & Bowie-Dick Test.

Pictured: SciCan Helix PCD Holder (SCI-01108341)

Smart Features for Improved Automation and Workflow

Thanks to the online User Portal, you have the full overview. Cycle data storage, advanced reporting, manuals, video tutorials and user interface software updates are displayed on the screen of the unit. Dental staff can easily perform regular maintenance tasks, check the possibilities of loading and a lot more by watching video tutorials on the unit’s screen.

G4+ Technology Connectivity & Data Logging

WiFi-enabled G4+ Technology allows for traceable load release, barcode printing and instrument tracking enhanced documentation features, data storage and much more.