Dexis IXS Sensor

The dependable imaging solution for patient-centric practices

Dexis IXS is the new and improved Gendex™. Built upon decades of success with Gendex sensors, Dexis IXS is everything you have grown to rely on – plus more. Easily produce diagnostic quality images with improved contrast, less noise, and greater dose flexibility. Enjoy enhanced robust engineering and automated technology. The sensor includes SimplySmart™ IoT capabilities such as direct-download calibration files, automated software updates, and proactive sensor health monitoring.

The dependable imaging solution for patient-centric practices

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Highlights at a glance

Open Integration

Dexis IXS has been designed to easily integrate with the imaging software or practice management system that your practice is already using. Use Dexis IXS directly with many of the most popular software platforms without any bridge or additional software purchases.

Freedom from Sensor Failures

Featuring KaVoTough™ robust engineering, Dexis IXS sensors are stronger than our previous generation sensor, named GXS-700. The sensor housing strategically protects the internal components of the sensor. The cable is designed to be so durable that it should never need replacing.

Sharp Images, Sharp Diagnostics

Dexis IXS delivers diagnostic quality images you can trust. By removing noise and improving contrast, Dexis IXS enables clinicians to see more detail, which is essential to effective treatment planning. With expanded dynamic range, sharp images can also be captured at low doses.

Always Ready to Perform

Automated software updates and built-in IoT capabilities will proactively maintain the health of your sensor system. Featuring proprietary SimplySmart™ technology, the Dexis Software Manager will help ensure that your sensors are always ready to perform.