Planmeca Somia

Today, image quality, pixel density and user-friendly operation are paramount. Planmeca Somia intraoral camera provides all those benefits and more. The camera can be easily integrated with the award-winning Romexis software which facilitates the communication experience with your patient and in some cases becomes a valuable tool when developing a treatment plan.

  • 2 year warranty when integrated with dental chair (12 months warranty as standalone)
  • High quality image
  • User-friendly operation
  • USB Connectivity
  • Stand alone or integrated with Planmeca Treatment Units

light and slender intraoral camera

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Highlights at a glance

Small and lightweight

Planmeca Somia™ is light to use, and because of its small size, all areas can be easily reached. As the freezing and saving of images can also be done from the foot control, hands are left free for the positioning of the camera.

Quick communication

The images help dental professionals in patient communication and motivation, as well as treatment documentation. For a quick communication, live video and temporary image freezing might be enough. The images can also be saved to the patient database in Planmeca Romexis®.

Two mounting alternatives

Planmeca Somia can be mounted on the dentist instrument console or alternatively on the assistant side Flexy™ holder, whichever best suits the user.