Cattani CAD/CAM AC Compressor Range

When quality air matters – Cattani compressors and nothing says reliability like a 7-year warranty

There are times when quality air is essential. That’s why Cattani dental air compressors deliver clean, dry, oil-free air to keep your practice and laboratory running. Our compressors are incredibly reliable and low maintenance.

Cattani compressors, which come in sizes to suit every clinic, are manufactured to the strictest standards in Parma, Italy. Each unit is rigorously tested before delivery, allowing the clinician to have the utmost confidence in its performance and reliability.


Reliability and a 7-year warranty – that’s Cattani compressors

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Highlights at a glance

AC310 & AC310Q | Tech Specs

  • Number of cylinders – 3
  • Number of dryers – 1
  • Height  – 750 mm
  • Width  – 620 mm

AC410 & AC410Q | Tech Specs

  • Number of cylinders  – 4
  • Number of dryers – 2
  • Height – 745 mm
  • Width – 1155 mm

AC610 | Tech Specs

  • Number of cylinders – 6
  • Number of dryers – 2
  • Height – 890 mm
  • Width – 1320 mm


Cattani compressors run and run. They’re are particularly robust, easy to install and low maintenance. And nothing says reliability like an industry-leading 7-year warranty based on our confidence in their superior design & mechanical precision.

Air Quality

Cattani CAD/CAM compressors sit comfortably within ISO standards with a 99.97% efficiency rating for particles greater than 0.3 microns, and so preventing damage to your valuable equipment and precious work.


Expect only pure, oil-free, hygienic air, and every tank has a food-grade resin inside coating, which not only helps protect the patient but also the work you are doing for them, as well as the equipment itself. The patented, low-friction components reduce the need for maintenance &  prolong the lifespan of the unit.


Purpose built to maintain a constant and sustainable operating pressure of 8 bar over long CAM cycles to ensure optimal mill performance.

Accessories | Dryer Pre Filter

This additional moisture trap is fitted prior to the drying column. The pre-filter has proven extremely effective and reliable in increasing the efficiency of the drying system by removing bulk condensation from the air prior to entering the drying column. Can be retro-fitted to the compressor.