Melag Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution

The innovative cooling system of the stand-alone steam sterilizer ensures the highest degree of flexibility in practice and clinic use, obviating the need for a water connection. Moreover, the optimized tank system and the new media board with which the Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution
is equipped facilitate the supply of the autoclave with demineralized water.

The DRYtelligence® Technology and the Sleep-Mode button of our Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution ensure energy and time efficiency as well as exceptional user-friendliness.

The benchmark for practice autoclaves!

Melag Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution – Highlights at a glance

Large, ultra-fast and stand-alone: Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution offers extra space for your instruments as a stand-alone autoclave with a 22 liter chamber.

Double Jacket Technology

A MELAG patent since 2007: The double-walled sterilization chamber ensures a super fast sterilization in only 8 – 25 min. with the highest saturated steam quality. This is because this innovation supports the effective evacuation of air from the chamber, the packages as well as the hollow-bodies of instruments.

DRYtelligence Drying

The specially developed algorithm automatically adapts the drying process to your load. The intelligent drying ensures optimum drying results and at the same time a reduction of the drying time by up to 80%. The reduction in drying time also means a reduction in operating time and thus savings in energy and costs.

Large loading quantities

The load capacity is a powerful 9 kg. This makes the Evolution Series one of the most high-performance autoclaves in its class. To sterilize these large load quantities in the autoclave, new mounts have been developed which ensure optimum use of the chamber volume with up to 8 trays or 4 MELAstore boxes.

Intuitive Operation

The extra large Smart-Touch Display enables intuitive operation and thereby helps to avoid errors and to find all important information quickly. But that’s not all: The start time preselection, conductivity measurement and media board for quick access to all important components make for even more convenient workflows.

Integrated Documentation

With ProControl, you can provide proof of error-free instrument sterilization in a quick, reliable and paperless way. Because user authentication and batch approval is performed directly on the display and log storage via CF card or network. The optional MELAprint 60 is then used to print barcode labels for marking the sterilized instruments.

Sleep Mode Feature

With the button on the front of the device, the Evolution series is put into sleep mode with just one push and are reactivated just as quickly. The already low power consumption can thus be reduced even further and enables particularly innovative and energy-efficient sterilization workflows.

Technical Data

  • Device dimension (w x h x d): 46 x 55 x 50 cm (Height incl. Display 56 cm)
  • Min. Surface Space: Device feet fit on 60 cm tabletop
  • Chamber Size: Ø 25 cm x 45 cm long
  • Chamber Volume: 23 liters
  • Load Quantity: Max. 9 kg instruments / 2 kg textiles
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Power Supply: 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power Input: 3.400 W