Generation Red Lab Scanners

A lab Scanner for any need

Upgrade your lab with quicker, more accurate scanning solution, optimized for productivity. With Generation Red E scanners, the time has never been better to bring your lab to the next level.

Generation Red – 20% faster is just the beginning

Generation Red E1, E2 and E3 scanners have been upgraded to the same platform as the award-winning E4 scanner. Faster scanning enables you to do even more of what you love… and take your lab to the next level!

Generation Red Lab Scanners – 20% faster is just the beginning

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Highlights at a glance

E4 – Ultra-high-speed and accuracy with our fastest and most accurate scanner to date

  • Camera: 4 x 5 MP
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836): 4 μm
  • Scan speed (full arch): 9 sec  |  Scan speed (full arch impression): 45 sec
  • Texture: Color  |  Scanning strategy:  Die-in-model

E3 – High performance and implant bar accuracy

  • Camera: 2 x 5 MP
  • Accuracy: (ISO 12836) 7 μm
  • Scan speed:  (full arch) 18 sec   |  Scan speed: (full arch impression) 64 sec
  • Texture: Color  |  Scanning strategy: Standard

E2 – Increases productivity and texture scanning

  • Camera: 2 x 5 MP
  • Accuracy: (ISO 12836)10 μm
  • Scan speed: (full arch) 24 sec  |  Scan speed: (full arch impression) 72 sec
  • Texture: B/W  |  Scanning strategy: Standard