KaVo uniQa

The new premium compact class
YOUNIQUE – because it’s all about you

The modern dental practice is more than simply a place for dental treatments. It’s an expression of the individual personality of the dentist – design, equipment, service and the type of consultation and treatment give the practice its unique signature. The very personal ideas of work-life balance, efficiency and enjoyment also fill the treatment rooms. Patients today also expect more than just the status quo – they want to feel understood, comfortable and safe.

At the heart of the practice, the KaVo uniQa meets these needs with perfect precision – from both a technical and an emotional standpoint. Intelligent features plus KaVo’s signature precision and overall high-quality support successful everyday treatments in the long term. And at the same time the KaVo uniQa leaves enough space for the individual expression of its owner and underlines the dentist’s incomparable uniqueness.

KaVo uniQa. The new premium compact class.

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Highlights at a glance

The patient chair – ergonomically perfected

A modern, inspiring, compact chair design for maximum ergonomics, with maximum position of 830 mm and minimum position of 350 mm and integrated Trendelenburg movement for your patients.

Just follow your intuition

Doctor’s control with intuitive operating concept with quick and direct access to all important functions for time-saving and seamless treatment processes. With a choice of table, swing, or cart. All of which can be installed for left handers, uniQa is a new proposition from KaVo that deserves a closer look.

Optimal patient communication at your fingertips

Our media equipped units feature the KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD: 3-in-1 intraoral camera for perfected caries diagnosis. With a high resolution 22” screen. We have the choice of connecting via PC and CONEXIO or the network and PC free CONNECTbase where images are stored locally on the unit.

Convenient hygiene procedures

Integrated rinsing programmes, DEKAmat and OXYmat as well as the hygiene unit with an integrated, removable adaptor for instrument and suction hoses for time-saving, automated cleaning and disinfection.

One-of-a-kind accessories and equipment

Accessorise with 540 LED operating light, surgical or endodontic functions, the KaVo uniQa is your new unit with a impeccable engineering that’ll occupy a place of pride within your practice.