Tethys H10 Plus

The Evolution of Disinfection

Designed to give you the best. The best performance in a simple and fast work-flow. An innovative device that replaces the numerous manual tasks typical of the stages preceding sterilization, thus reducing the operator’s workloads. Tethys H10 Plus makes the instrument reconditioning process even simpler and more functional.

4 phases in one simple passage

Tethys H10 Plus makes the reconditioning process even simpler and more functional. Decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are all performed in a single, rapid, automatic process.


The Evolution of Disinfection

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Highlights at a glance

Introducing the new handpiece attachment for Mocom Tethys H10+ 

The new handpiece attachment allows handpieces and scaler tips to be thermally disinfected. This accessory makes it possible to wash, thermally disinfect and dry up to 6 instruments, turbines or micromotor handpieces, simultaneously. You can also process up to 3 scaler tips at once.

Adapters for any need

The Handpiece Attachment allows you to process: micromotor handpieces, turbines, and scaler tips. Just insert the appropriate adapter to ensure proper cleaning of the instrument. The Attachment is compatible with units that have been already installed; a simple firmware update is all that is needed.

“Touch” Generation

A colour LCD “touch” screen and multi-language icon menu allows a clear and intuitive selection of commands, completely customisable based on professional needs. The desired program only needs to be chosen, and the cycle will proceed in complete autonomy.

Everything under control

Tethys H10 Plus is equipped with an internal memory that is able to record all data from operating cycles, directly in pdf format.

Thanks to the new HMD, Tethys H10 is also a handpiece thermal disinfector

This latest accessory makes it possible to wash, thermally disinfect and dry up to 6 instruments (turbines or micromotor handpieces) simultaneously. The HMD is compatible with all Tethys H10, including those that have already been installed.