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A Dürr Dental VS suction unit is a power pack you can rely on. It concentrates all the suction and separation in the practice into a single, compact unit. It can effortlessly handle the amounts of liquids processed by up to four operators at the same time. In the process, thanks to the integrated two-stage separation system, the aspiration of secretions and blood foam into the turbine space is reliably prevented. The reliable drive of the unit runs exceptionally quietly, and all important functional elements are protected against corrosion. Central installation in a multi-room practice places high demands on the cleaning and hygiene of the pipe network. With the flow accelerator developed by Dürr Dental, the suction system automatically eliminates the risk of deposits, odors, and hygiene problems.

Suction Units

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Highlights at a glance

The Tyscor Range – The First Wet Aspiration System With Centrifugal Compressor 

  • Energy-efficient: demand-oriented power consumption resulting in energy saving of up to 50%
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Network compatible
  • Intelligent control allows operation of two machines on one suction pipe

Tyscor VS 1 radial suction unit

Wet suction unit for entry into the world of radial technology for a single operator. Upgradable via license key to two operators working simultaneously (Tyscor VS 2)

Tyscor VS 2 radial suction unit

The compact and lightweight suction solution for two operators. Intelligent control allows two suction units to be operated on a single suction pipe.

Tyscor VS 4 radial suction unit

Integrated touch display for user-friendly adjustment of operating parameters (e.g. suction power modes Eco, Balanced or Boost)

Tyscor VSA Range 

The Tyscor VSA systems are modular in design with a high-performance, energy-efficient centrifugal suction motor and a separate separation stage. The integrated electronics allow control and monitoring of the suction units via the software. In addition, the amalgam separators with standard network connection are not only installed plug & play ready but can be integrated into the surgery-supply digital monitoring and control system via software.