Signo T500

Excellence for experts

Curtain-up for the new Signo T500. It is a real statement of design and reliability. The consequent combination of these two requirements perfectly expresses the product philosophy of Morita:

  • Maximum functionality
  • Timeless design
  • High-end manufacturing quality
  • Maximum versatility
  • Durability, reliability, and value stability

A sophisticated selection of colors and high-quality materials provide an elegant finish. The Signo T500 was developed in collaboration with product designers of the renowned Studio F.A. Porsche.

Highlights at a glance

Perfect lying comfort for the patient.

The innovative design guarantees a stable posture in all positions and ensures gentle body pressure distribution.

Perfect workflow for dentists

Every function of the esthetically appealing treatment unit has been comprehensively designed, right down to the smallest detail – to enable an effective, seamless procedure throughout treatment. Both dentist and chair assistant are optimally and comfortably supported by its technical sophistication, allowing them to focus entirely on the patient.

Full transparency

Do you greatly value instructive patient education? Then you can equip the Signo T500 with an extra monitor on the dentist’s element – for X-rays, videos etc.

Integrated hose rinsing system – flushing (optional)

This feature removes residual water from the water conducting hoses of the treatment unit; the relevant adapter can be compactly stored in the unit.

Flushing system for suction hoses

The spray mist and saliva ejector hoses are cleaned quickly and hygienically using special cleaning agents, thanks to the flushing system integrated in the unit.

Suction filter

Cleverly designed: as the suction filter has been fitted to the easily accessible back of the assistant’s element, routine daily cleaning is incredibly simple.