Veraview iX

Fast and accurate LED positioning

The Veraview iX intraoral X-ray system delivers X-ray images – analog or digital, depending on your choice – in excellent quality. A flexible support arm and a laser for positioning make it easy to achieve a very precise setting of the area to be imaged.

  • LED positioning aid
  • Constant voltage control
  • Exposure settings
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Sitting position with adjustable height

Compact Design with Exceptional Image Quality

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Highlights at a glance

Unique LED Focal Point Positioning

Two LED light beams converge into a single point for visual confirmation of correct alignment for accurate X-rays. The cone is short and easy to manipulate which also facilitates correct positioning. It is also transparent for superior visibility.

Compact Design with Exceptional Image Quality

The compact Veraview iX will take up minimal surgery wall space and can be efficiently integrated into the workflow of the surgery. Robust multiple mounting points ensure smooth arm movement and stability when exposing. The lightweight head and arm can easily be maneuvered with a delicate touch.

Clear & Precise Controls

An Illuminated Pictogram Menu ensures that all selections can be confirmed by the operator at a glance. LED control buttons can easily be selected for the appropriate setting required for each image to be captured. An optimized exposure time is set after the exposure parameter selections are made.