Morita has been a part of the foundation of modern dentistry in Australasia. When the profession stood to perform dentistry beside amazing machines of iron and belt drives, Morita Spaceline arrived looking like it was dropped from the design houses of Europe.

Morita pioneered modern, ergonomic dentistry by introducing supine patient treatment. It was Morita’s visionary partnership with clinical innovators that converted the profession from standing at primitive treadle drills. With futuristic designs that were healthier for dentist and patient, Morita treatment units were a paradigm shift to ergonomic and efficient practices.

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Highlights at a glance

Treatment Unit Packages

The Soaric works the way you want to with several design variants. The side delivery places the instrument to hand in the periphery of your vision, with a large tray surface and intuitive graphic controls. The instruments and foot control can be adapted individually to suit your own regular treatment procedures.

Over The patient Package

The doctor’s controls delivered on an over-the-patient arm. Ideal for rooms where the patient enters from the head of the chair.

Knee Break Package

The knee break with extending toe-rest, provides the best possible access for all patients. As soon as you set the treatment chair into its lying position, the footrest slides out automatically and guarantees your patient a secure and comfortable resting position.