Trios 3 Basic

The new entry-level intraoral scanner

Whether you’re looking for a quality scanner to help you start your digital journey or an additional device to supplement your existing digital solution, TRIOS 3 Basic is the answer.

Award-winning TRIOS scanning technology allows you to scan and send cases to your preferred labs and treatment providers

The new cost-effective TRIOS 3 Basic comes as a wired, pen grip pod set up and enables simple ‘scan and send-to’ workflow. TRIOS 3 Basic includes the well-known 3Shape scan accuracy, insane speed mode, realistic life-like colours and shade measurement as well as AI scan technology for simplified scanning.

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Highlights at a glance

Reliable infection control

Automatic infection control features such as suction line cleaning, choices in waterline hygiene (manual or automatic) and integrated hands-free cleaning aids.

User centric design

The design language is one of compact and efficient ergonomics from its small form factor, that can easily accommodate a wide range of patient sizes, up to 185kg in weight. Key design elements meet the challenges we face today in infection control.